my chances of getting 5sos to know my existence is smalla than a bug

  • Teacher: Give me-
  • Me: A SHOT TO REMEMBER [sobs violently] A ND YOU CAN TAKE ALL THE PaIN AwAY FROM ME [jumps on desk] A KIS S AND I WILL SURRENDER [jumps on teacher] TH E SHARPEST LIVES ARE THE DEADLIEST TO LEA D [sets the room on fire] A LIGH T TO BURN ALL THE EMPIRES [rolls on floor while sobbing dramatically] S O BRIGHT THE SUN IS ASHAMED TO rISE AND BEEE [bursts into another class] IN L OVE WITH ALL OF THESE VAMPIRES [punches the janitor in the face] S O YOU CAN LIVE LIKE THE SANE ABANDONED ME
  • americanidjit:

    I love it how Gerard goes from introverted nerd


    to hottest thing on earth


    to sassy diva


    back to introverted nerd


    its a never ending cycle


    soon our time will come for best gerard once more